It’s only hair!

20160906_184754.pngRadical. It is a word I have used numerous times, mostly to express how totes cool I think something is and mostly because it irks my friends and family who think I am totes not cool. Recently it is a word that has swirled around in my mind so much so it is fair to say it is definitely my “it” word for 2016 (people have their own “it” words, don’t they?).

It is no surprise to those who know me that I am in dire need of a change and mostly a change in my career. They say my generation will have seven career changes in their working life time, well, I am definitely ready for my first! I have started taking steps in the right direction, this blog for one, signing up to various little training and networking sessions, reaching out to those who have walked the path before me and those whose path lead them to where I want to be. It is all good, and it’s a start but what I really need is to do something radical. Something that is going to kick start the fire in my belly, bring the life and soul back to me, wake me from my sleepy little life I am no longer content with.

A woman I once worked with did something radical, so radical it raised the eyebrows straight off some people’s faces. She sold her house and, with no place to live and no real source of income she embarked on her own radical adventure. We are no longer in close contact but it is evident from Facebook that she is doing just fine, more than just fine in fact, and is now happier than ever. I have not seen her in quite some time but I think of her and her radical jump quite a lot these days and it has got me thinking. What is my radical move going to be?

I have come to realise that my sole focus on working towards becoming a happier version of myself has been solely aimed at work. So much so it has blurred the rest of my life. I feel sometimes like I am taking life too seriously and especially this career change that I lose sight of the bigger picture. I just want to be happy again. Thinking about other equally important aspects of my life led me to determining my own radical move. Unlike my old work friend I won’t be quitting my job just yet and I won’t be leaving my house so soon but I will do something so radical for me that it will be sure to raise the eyebrows off the faces of my friends and family. I will dye my hair!

Yep, I get it, no need to laugh, I am already aware of how ridiculously insignificant my radical change sounds to others but see I have never dyed my hair. I have cut it all off in a fit of heat rage in Thailand. I have played with various different fringes but when it comes to a recolour…nope! I have spent years convincing myself that my curiosity was misplaced. Worried of regrowth and hair damage, why? It’s hair, it grows back. I now see that if I can build up the walls in my head and stop myself from doing something so trivial and insignificant but something I have secretly wanted to do then what the hell else am I stopping myself from doing!?! If I jump and fall flat on my face does it really matter? Surely what matters is finding the courage to jump in the first place. Baby steps are fine but eventually we all need to run. A new hair colour won’t give me a new job but it might just give me an extra little confidence booster to move a little faster in the right direction.


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